2017 AIDS Run & Walk Chicago


Puerto Rican Cultural Center- Vida/SIDA

Message from the Director of Health Initiatives, Dora Garcia:
“The high HIV rates among Latinos and other minority groups reflect the social and economic inequalities in which we live. Guided by social justice principles, Vida/SIDA provides wrap-around services to help our clients overcome the challenges faced to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.”
Vida/SIDA provides culturally and linguistically appropriate HIV prevention services to Latinos and other minority groups with a focus on the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals at risk for or living with HIV. We have over 25 years of experience adapting, implementing, and evaluating evidence-based interventions. Our services not only seek to change individual risk factors but also address the social determinants of health that negatively affect the health of minorities. Vida/SIDA seeks to empower community members to think critically about their realities and to take control of their lives.

Leave a Legacy for Social Change
Estate planning is a powerful way to express your values and vision for the future, and to care for your partner, family, and community. In order to ensure that your wishes are carried out,you should have a will.
With proper planning, you can make sure your wishes are fulfilled, possibly lower your estate tax, and also create powerful change. Here are some ways to give:
Remember the Puerto Rican Cultural Center in your will. It is important to have a will, because without one, decisions about your estate will be made by the state. For more information about the importance of having a will, click here. For more information, please contact Juan Calderón, Chief Organizational Officer at juanc@prcc-chgo.org.
Establish a Charitable Trust. Certain trust options may reduce your taxes now or in the future, while benefitting the Puerto Rican Cultural Center. Please check with your financial advisor.
Donate Life Insurance. This affords a tax advantage while enabling you to give a larger gift than you might otherwise find possible.
Name the Puerto Rican Cultural Center as a Beneficiary of a Retirement Plan. Contact Juan Calderón, Chief Organizational Officer at juanc@prcc-chgo.org or 773-895-9032 if you would like to discuss your any ideas or questions you have about leaving a legacy that will benefit the PRCC.

Introduce Friends, Colleagues and Others to the Puerto Rican Cultural Center

Sign up for our e-mail list and forward the messages you receive along to your friends. To discuss these ideas further, and explore other options, contact Juan Calderón, Chief Organizational Officer at juanc@prcc-chgo.org or 773-394-4935.

Fundraising and participation will benefit the belowprograms, please include which in the memo:

Urban Agriculture Program
Safe Passage Program
Affordable Care Act
Esperanza Program
Mental Health Services
Latino Youth Action (L-Act)
UIC- Integrated Paseo
Women for Paseo
Norwegian American Hospital – Integrated Paseo
Vida/SIDA – Cicero
Low Income Low Energy Assistance Program
El Rescate Transitional Living Program
El Rescate Basic Center Program

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