2017 AIDS Run & Walk Chicago


Team #EAT (End Aids Together) is in place so that folks who are interested in showing up and standing up for those effected by HIV and AIDS have an opportunity to do so.

A message from Eric Wilkerson:

As an individual who works for our state's LGBTQ Civil Rights organization, I am constantly reminded of the important work that needs to be done to advance justice for LGBTQ people.

However, personally, I have learned the importance of showing up and taking action in ways that I haven't in the past. This includes offering time, energy, and financial support to other great organizations such as the AIDS Foundation of Chicago.

As a person who identifies as gay, I have had my own experiences w/ loneliness and isolation. But I certainly don't know what it's like to be a woman, a person of color, HIV+, or transgender. While I may not share lived experiences with a lot of folks within the LGBTQ community, I can certainly show up for other members of the LGBTQ community, especially in our current political environment.

Let's run together. Let's #EATogether.

- Eric Wilkerson

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