AIDS Run & Walk Chicago 2018

Housing, Health Care, and Human Connection
Housing, Health Care, and Human Connection

The Night Ministry

Our Mission

The Night Ministry is a Chicago-based organization whose mission is to provide housing, health care and human connection to community members struggling with poverty or homelessness. With an open heart and an open mind, The Night Ministry accepts people as they are and addresses their immediate physical, emotional and social needs while affirming their sense of humanity.

Our Story

In 1976, a group of diverse congregations set out to serve their neighbors on Chicago’s North Side. They hired one staff person – Tom Behrens – who met people on the streets at night, offering blankets and food from the trunk of his car. He shared coffee and conversation with those facing homelessness, reminding each person of his and her worth. Tom began to develop programs to address the needs of the homeless and precariously housed individuals he met. Over four decades later, The Night Ministry has grown from a one-person operation touching hundreds of lives, to a diverse organization with a far-reaching mission serving thousands of youth and adults each year.

Our Unique Approach

The Night Ministry utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to build and maintain supportive relationships with clients. Our mission is nondenominational and we are known for serving all people without concern for race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion or sexual orientation. We recognize that we are all part of the human community. Each person is important and of value. We believe that supportive relationships can build dignity, confidence and a foundation for self-empowerment. We trust that the services we offer will help people improve their daily lives.

Our Programs

  • 38-foot Health Outreach Bus providing free medical care to the homeless
  • Street Medicine team serving the hardest-to-reach homeless
  • 5 housing programs with 61 beds for homeless youth and children
  • Free HIV/STI testing, counseling and prevention for high-risk populations
  • Services for homeless LGBTQ and pregnant/parenting youth
Your contribution to our AIDS Run & Walk team will provide free, confidential HIV testing and outreach services to homeless and high-risk youth and adults in Chicago. Thank you for supporting The Night Ministry!
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