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On Sunday, November 4th, I am running the TCS New York City Marathon with Team To End AIDS (T2) to raise funds for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago so they can offer support to people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. I've been cycling and running for HIV-related causes for almost 15 years now. This cause is an important one for me. HIV/AIDS doesn't make headlines often these days - and when it does, it is often filled with outdated or inaccurate information - but that doesn't mean it's been cured or that it doesn't change people's lives every single day.

I previously ran this race in 2014 not quite knowing - or prepared for - what to expect. Wake up at Dark o'Clock, have breakfast, take the cab to the ferry, the ferry to the bus, the bus to the start line, wait another two hours... I was tired before I even started. By the time I hit Spanish Harlem - around Mile 19 or so - I was thoroughly exhausted. The thrilling boost of the two-mile cheer corridor on First Avenue when first entering Manhattan had long dissipated. I was slogging through the (comparative) quiet and caught a gentleman clapping and cheering runners along. "Great job." "You're looking good." Then, having noticed my red Team To End AIDS shirt, he made eye contact with me and said, "Thank you for running." I do not know his story, or even if he has one (and I regret never stopping to ask); I just know that in that moment I was reminded of something a friend once told me: Behind the cheers are the quiet thank yous for what you do.

So here I am again, asking for help to support an organization making sure that people living with the virus have equitable access to housing, health care, case management and other supportive services. Help me help thousands of people live better lives. I am taking care of my travel and entry fees, so every dollar you provide goes to help others.

Donate to my T2 campaign today. Just click the DONATE TO ME button to the right to get started.


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